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    What’s The Working Scope Of Belt Conveyor

    2015-4-16 12:48:10

    ⑴Belt conveyor is unversally applied in the field of metallurgy, mine, coal, haven, power plant, construction, chemical, light industry, petroleum. The equipment can transfer stuff by single or multi-conveyors. Suitable for bulk materials and one-piece products with density between 500~2500Kg/m3.

    ⑵Belt conveyor works under the temperature of –25~40C. In special condition such as: high or low temperature, water, antisepsis, explosion proof, flammability, should have protecting measures.

    ⑶Belt conveyor is designed as components in bulk. Our professionals can assemble these components as a whole conveyor to meet varied demands of different circumstance.

    ⑷What size the granularity conveyor can feed depends on belt width, speed, angle of groove, obliquity and occurance frequency of big stuff. We suggest the largest granularity can choose by following list1. If sending rigid rocks, the granular is limited within 350mm when the belt width more than 1200mm.